Roxy (xstolen_tearsx) wrote,

These are the goodbyes that are going to make me better

So slowly, I am realizing things i may regret
I stood infront of a mirror for about twenty minutes, and realized i hated every single thing about me, I just pray that i will make myself better in the upcoming months, for now i am going to fake my self-esteem, and then take it from there, because last night, someone made me feel beautiful... now for what this entry is about

i have a new lj email me and i will email you the thing...

and i have a message for someone

Amy - I made mistakes by touching larry, I know this, I am srory you think I am a bitch, and i am sorry that yuou think that i was talking about you last night, i truely am happy for you, I made a mistake now I am trying to escape the consequences, which i can not do, So now i will jsut apologize and hope you realize that this is sincere and that i am happy for you ad him, you make each other happy, I am sorry.... and I regret Touching him and such, I just hope my apology is accepted, and i hope you two never lose each other..... that is it, and once again I am sorry


--- Goodbye xstolen-tearsx..
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