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"Think I am paralyzed by what you do to me, but i love it dearly" =Pax

This week/past year, hasn't treated me with kindness, or love. Some parts were love, touching my heart with new experiences, others were parts touching me with pain, that will probably be there for a long time... Tonight, I let it go, I let it all go... I love Pax Cecilia now... I dont think I couldnt, they poured every emotion they had into them into their songs, and that is what it is all about Love...

so here is what went down,

After school. tom *my sisters boyfriend* came and picked us up, I boughtan awesome pair of shades, oh yeah... I got alot of compliments... I felt beautiful, not outside in that shallow way but people were talking to me, and not judging me right away with a few exceptions... <===that was at the show

so then i get to the show, I look for kent, due to the fact he is the main reason I am there... I find ANDREA, and meet amanda... ANDREA I LOVE YOU, you made the night amazing, and i am getting you something for christmas, this pax sweater which i will live in is amazing.... THANKS THANKS THANKS x1294071095271358375

I met up with Kent though, Yes, Just like i pictured, amazing... He was lovely, emotional, there are no words to describe him,

here is the set list...

=Disaster Front


=the Calm Before


=Ahimsa Sunrise

=pax Cecilia

i would have had to leave during pax, but kent gave me a ride home, I actually just got in not too long ago
We didnt play the radio the whole way home, we just talked, it was nice, I was nervous, i dont know if he could tell, but i pray for more moments like that

and his hugs were amazing, I got a few before i got in the car, and after the show, and when I got there, and before i got out of the car, If i had a choice the one that happened in the car i would have not let go, We were in front of my house, you know they say your home is where you feel protected and safe, but tonight, I felt safe, with him... I trust him, and trust is hard for me....

I honestly dont think, I ever talked freely with being afraid of sounding stupid.... He is truely a great guy... Everyone should meet him, He will make your heart warm.....
I promise

(breaths in) *sigh*

when will there be more?
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